Music is best when shared
Longford School of Rock is a community-based music education organisation in County Longford. It was founded to encourage and support young musicians to develop towards collaborative, live music performance. We believe that playing music instruments and singing with other people (ensemble) is the best way to learn music and gain confidence to perform live. It also helps teenagers to meet other people who like music, gain personal confidence, social skills, and problem solving skills.
Our Tutors
Our tutors are local musicians who are passionate about playing live music and are interested in passing on their skill to the next generation of young musicians. Students are taught drums, guitar (acoustic & electric & Bass) at beginner and inter-mediate levels.
Each session lasts 2 hours
The first hour, students are broken into classes based on instruments (guitar, percussion, voice). In the second hour (after a small break) the students are put together into ‘proto’ bands where they practice playing songs together. Each term has a playlist of songs that everybody will learn (Easy versions for beginners / more elaborate versions for intermediate players).  
Autumn Term: 16th September to 16th December (13 weeks) 2017
Spring Term: 13th January to 21st April (13 weeks) 2018
Summer Camp: 18th – 22nd July 2018